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  • On being
    We don't just make awesome, we hire awesome, and thus are awesome. That's what you're really buying. Sure our tattoos make us sexier than your first love, however, it's our attitude and aptitude that's going to push you to become the next preso rock god!
  • meet the TEAM

    Sam wears the pants in our office. She also wears the skirts, the summer dresses and the thigh-high boots. But don’t let that fool you. Behind the eyes like moonlit pools and creamy, sun-dappled skin, hides the reason that she’s the boss. She’s tough, she don’t take no shit offa nobody and if she snaps her fingers, somewhere a fairy dies. Seriously. I once saw her make a freelancer’s heart explode with just a single, sultry wink.

    She claims that her success (which came at a very young age) is due to her ‘work ethic’ and that age-old annoying trump card chicks dig to throw in there - ‘multi-tasking’. We just let her march around like she’s in charge ‘cause of the way her ass looks in a pair of Levis. What officer? No, no... It was just a joke!

    As if running a ship of hooligans doesn't stress her out enough, and it obviously doesn't, she's also started a Yoga Movement in her free time. She's also about to forever stop being Ms Dean, and start becoming Mrs Dean. Does her fiancé know what he's in for, we wonder. And, will he care?


    When Rich started the company over a decade ago, I'm fairly certain he knew he'd be doing well by now. And he is. He runs two companies, with a third on the way. He has a head full of ideas, as well as a garage full of bikes, and houses full of garages! He writes for Longevity, Destiny Man (among others), and gets paid large bags of money to talk at shows for large corporates across the country. In fact, he's an idol to most employees at the company - I mean, who wouldn't want to be doing so well without doing any actual work?!

    What he may not have foreseen was that he'd be essentially a figurehead, having handed the reins over to the capable Ms Dean. He's like the Queen of England, really. Just with a bit less tea, and a few more tattoos. This allows him to get back to what he really loves - being a super-committed dad. And eating playdough.


    If we had a big, gold trophy for ‘Most Valuable Staff Member’ (which we totally should have), it would go to D’ave - uncontested. He carries the intellectual weight of the company on his muscled shoulders, and holds our hopes in his beautiful, artistic (and yet manly) hands. He runs (or rather, sprints) the strategy department, but also edits, does the books, and helps Sam and Donovan do their jobs. It’s not a rare sight to see D’ave working through the night to finish up everyone else’s work (allowing them to have calm time) before flying off to the World Capoeira Championships - which he’s won every year since 1974 (5 years before he was born). He's even gone so far as to convince the world's hottest tattoo model to marry him (to be fair a bucketload of Chardonnay did help).

    We’re expecting his true superhero powers to manifest any day now, so he can use his down-time to battle crime in the skies above Cape Town with laser eyes, and claws of adamantium. He also writes the blurbs for this site.


    There always needs to be someone to crack the whip, and Donovan is the reason we need them to crack it. If he's not brewing beer in his outhouse or designing kit for kiddies that aren't his (see www.babytees.co.za) he's usually prattling off to anyone who'll listen about why he should have played lock for the Boks. Or braaiing something. He pretty much covers the 'Stereotypical South African Male' quotient of our BEE ratings.

    But, there's a heart behind those neuvo-Woody Allen glasses, Scooby Doo panic-laugh and Linkin Park embroidered rugby jerseys. He's not only the biological father of two (check out the bedazzled soccer-mom car), but also the business-dad of everyone in the company. He's the reason our videos look awesome, our presentations feel amazing, and our clients keep coming back. He yells a lot. Don't take it too seriously. Nobody else does.


    Tammy is a success story in Missing Link - if we weren't so busy we'd probably make a video about it. Starting as concierge (where she made us coffee), she then moved quickly to production manager (where she made us scared) and she's now the operations manager - where she makes shit happen! Everything from the quality of work to the IT to production to HR to freelancers to yadda yadda are parts of her fairly hefty portfolio, so if there was ever anyone to suck up to, it's her. Finally Sam has the help she needs, and is no longer the only one with whip-blisters.

    On the weekends she collects small dogs, tattoos and strange internet memes. Hands off, boys; she recently forced a wonderful young man to marry her, and we couldn't be happier, or more relieved.


    Dayle's been with us for a while (as you might know) and, as such, has collected a few things under his belt: visual aid creation, video editing, image creation, about 6 inches and some really nasty boxers. His newest notch, and one that he well deserves, is Head Animator Guy. Essentially, he makes sexy things that move on screen, making sure your videos are fashionable, as well as functional!

    As with the Biblical Samson, the source of Dayle's power lies in the unruly clot of hair upon his head. Which explains the worried looks, the panicky gazes and the sleeping face-first on his mouse pad. He's as annoying as he is lovable - and we LOVE him!


    So, this is a story all about how
    little Tebo is working for us again now.
    He is a bit of a show off, but just sit right there,
    and I'm sure you'll agree he's the king of bad hair.

    Is was Northern Gauteng, smog and haze,
    selling Cortinas is what he did most of the days.
    Wearing golf pants with waist-coats and trying to look cool,
    making you wish his mum had drowned him in the pool.

    When a couple of guys, who were up to no good,
    hired him for a second time for some reason and now we have to deal with him when we thought we were clear, which is fine seeing as clients really like him, and we're all going to get 'Thank You's' on his album sleeve when he finally hits the big-time.


    Burger is pretty new. So new, and so quiet, in fact, that there's little we actually know about him; apart from the fact that he's tall. Really tall. Like hanging-paintings-in-the-loft-while-still-standing-in-the-basement kinda tall. He plays rugby, but usually as the posts. King Kong sometimes fights planes on his head. Oh and, thankfully, he's also skinny! Because, y'know, how weird would it be if he was that tall, and a big fatty?

    Apart from being tall, he's also a fairly decent video editor, which is why we insisted on hiring him (even though he's a WAM*) after he freelanced for us. He's starting to come out of his shell little by little, and we're hoping there's a more of a personality lurking way up inside him. Because if there isn't, it's a serial killer, and I don't want to go down in history as the first victim of the Skeletor Moordenaar.

    *White Afrikaans Male


    Colin, the big guy, was hired for his tenacity, his inability to take 'no' for an answer, and his sheer persistence. We call that 'good business'. You, however, may call it 'annoying'... But, that's what sales is all about. And that's what Colin is about - just in a rather lovable way. Just ask his rather attractive wife.

    Even though he was born and bred (and sometimes beaten) in Benoni he decided to leave it all behind (and by 'it' I mean spinners and oil barrel braaing) to travel 2 hours to the North, to make his dreams come true. Once he gets over his fear of electricity and matching apparel (he looked like a door-to-door bible salesman) he's going to be a force to be reckoned with.


    Beneath Grant’s rather rough, furrowed-brow and brash exterior lies the heart of a true team player. Kind, empathetic and a free spirit, he shares his time between making the most beautiful, inspirational visual aids and reading his poetry at créches across JHB. Once, when he was working with puppies on his weekend off, he actually cured polio in a small village, just because he loved the people so much.

    Seriously, meet him. He'll change your life.

    P.S. Nothing in this post is even remotely true. Grant is like Sauron in flat-peak caps. He has to keep his beady little Howard Moon eyes peeled all the time, to watch for staff members trying to club him out of his (our) misery, or set his mouldy beard on fire. We may need help with this, as he's quite quick for a seventy-year-old 25 year old. We'll take whatever help we can get.


    For a guy who looks like a young Rembrandt, Theo has proved himself in a relatively short space of time. Relative to, say, Steven Hawking's Kyalami lap time. Or human evolution. But we think that, even with a super-dork bokkie, broad forehead, and a rather annoying habit of drooling on his keyboard he's going to be something special. Eventually.

    So far, there are a few things we DO like about him: he doesn't complain; he has pretty good ideas about what works in visual aids; he's cheap; he laughs at almost all Donovan's jokes (which, as you're probably aware, aren't worth the effort taken to make them).

    He's really into Russian Martial Arts. Which I think means he can beat up girls when drunk.


    We really needed to hire someone with a rather specific set of skills. We needed them to come in with:

    • Their own shoe dynasty
    • A particularly colourful attitude
    • A willingness to change his/her hair like their underpants (once a week)

    But, where do you find such a gem? We looked far and wide, then further and wider. Eventually, we stumbled upon the fairytale land of Venda, mentioned in tales of olde, where we rescued Konabanani MochaJava from a life of reed skirts and thatch huts. Like a South African 'Enchanted', with more bitch-slapping.

    In retrospect, we think that instead of rescuing the fairytale Vendan princess, we rescued the dragon. Thankfully, she's always on your side, faithful reader.


    As Jo'burgers we take one, raised-eyebrow look at where Neil is from (Cape Town) and make snap judgements that are simply not fair. Just because he's from Cape Town doesn't mean, necessarily, that he has an allergy socks and matching colours (it's a choice). Nor does it mean he has a penchant for T-Shirts that simply don't fit the way T-Shirts are supposed to. And it could be considered 'poor form' to blindly assume he cannot hold down a job that requires him to work past three in the afternoon. Except, you could be considered forgiven as, in this case, all those generalisations are completely true. Neil is like a weird, christian Balki Bartokomous.

    Where he doesn't fall short is his almost zealot-like commitment to physical exercise. We're all convinced that this is compensation, in a way, for an itty-bitty penis which he couldn't replace with a bigger car due to his (possibly physical) love for his '82 Monza. As soon as we can convince him to take his pants off we'll let you know if this is true. But this task may be even harder than getting him to stop wearing plaid, which we're starting to think maybe actually be surgically stitched to his chest. Like a lumberjack Leatherface.

    There's just so much material...


    If you had a tightly wound ball of energy who could win gold if the Olympics ever started a '500m Pottymouth Freestyle' event, who couldn't give a retard's fucksmack about what you think of them, and who works so bleeding fast the walls bleed, what would you do? Exactly: hire them. That's exactly what we did.

    Celeste came from the ghetto, Muldersdrift, to be exact, and pulled herself out of the crack-dens by her bootstraps. She then spent a few years studying the pure art of design, learning from a group of Battle Monks, before selling out and arriving at our doorstep, like a little Moses, wrapped swaddles of Iron Fist. She also fills in the whole left in our hearts by the departure of Wolfy. We needed to stay representative, and the gays are IN, baby!


    'The Black Alfred E. Neuman' is one of our newest acquisitions, fresh from stealing helicopters - or so he claims... He also claims that he was the first man to swim the Jukskei River, that he invented bread and that nationalising the mines was his idea first. None of this is actually true (except the bread part), but what is no lie, yo, is the potential this guy has to be amazing (which, obviously, is why we took the risk and hired him).

    Life wasn't always a walk in the park for Thato. Hailing from the tough, crack-house streets of Sandton - barely more than a dozen pairs of shoes, and only FUBU to keep him warm - this thug gained his drive to succeed from witnessing the plight of those around him. You know, the kind that only has one Mercedes in the driveway and can't go skiing every year. But it's this that made him the man he is today. And it's this that will make him the leach on society he will be tomorrow. Until then, he's rocking your presentations!


    Esther is really the mother of the office. Aside from caring for all her own children, she cares for all of us - making sure we’re fed and happy, and not dying of some debilitating disease caused by Jason’s dirty bandages, left over take-aways or old chicken bones left under the fridge - we’re all a bunch of pigs.

    She’s always got a smile ready for you, and maybe even a kind word - we can never really hear what she’s saying. From all of us, thanks Ester Molester for keeping us alive.


    Like Esther, Viv has the considerable task of keeping us healthy. Although she’s far more fashion conscious, she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty... or complain loudly about it afterwards. She's quick with a smile, and even quicker with a carving knife.

    In the future, we can see her getting into modelling. Until then, it's her unenviable job to make sure that the boxer shorts crumpled under Richard's desk don't go (literally) viral, replicate and wipe out half of Joburg.

  • Being a rockstar isn't just a title, it's a way of life. And it's a way of life we like to try and encourage in our clients - with a certain amount of permanence. These tattoos are all paid for by us as a way of saying thanks to the people who make sure we can feed our families each month. So, if you want some chronic inkage from some of the best artists in the country, best you start hiring us. Bzzzzzzzzzzz...
    Visit Missing Ink
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    It's on us. Well, on YOU but we'll give it to you... give you a tattoo - only for friends and clients. hire us :)
  • presentations

    Most people think they hate presentations. What they really hate are shit presentations.

    So do we. For 14 years we've been making very not-shit presentations for SA's top businesses.

  • video
    A presentation is everything, it's when you're speaking, and when you're not. Our video and animation teams help fill all the gaps.
  • Training

    You can have a presentation behind you that's as sexy as our MD Sam, but if you don't know how to use it, it's just lipstick on a pig.

    We like pigs, just on a plate - not a stage, and that's why training is such an important part of our offering.

  • Group Training

    This includes:

    • Understanding the brain
    • The preso (creation) process
    • Live peer rated presenting
    • A few good laughs

    Please mail training@missinglink.co.za for more information.

  • Executive Coaching

    Missing Link has assisted the CEOs of firms like Liberty Life, Absa, Standard Bank, and Norton Rose to name but a few.

    Our new formalised Executive Coaching system includes:

    • One-on-one consulting time with our founder, Richard Mulholland
    • Full presentation development
    • Video training support and content audits
    • A few good laughs

    Please mail training@missinglink.co.za for more information.

  • Conferences
    Your conference sucks - so much so we wrote, not one, not two, but three articles on the subject. We'd love to help you fix that - it's easy, just an issue of priorities.
  • conferences by ML
    Maria Ramos - Absa Financial results event
    Maria Ramos - Absa Financial results event Maria Ramos - Absa Financial results event Maria Ramos - Absa Financial results event
    First National Bank - PayPal
    FNB PayPal FNB PayPal FNB PayPal FNB PayPal
    Absa 101 Conference
    Absa 101 Absa 101 Absa 101 Absa 101 Absa 101 Absa 101
    SAB Conference
  • conferences we ATTEND
    Cat London
    Cat LondonCat LondonCat London
    InnoTown - Norway
    Inno Town Inno Town Inno Town Inno Town Inno Town Inno Town Inno Town Inno Town Inno Town
    Lift10 - Geneva
    Lift10 Lift10 Lift10 Lift10
    Pop!Tech Pop!Tech Pop!Tech Pop!Tech Pop!Tech Pop!Tech Pop!Tech Pop!Tech Pop!Tech
    VizThink VizThink VizThink VizThink VizThink VizThink VizThink
    World Creativity Forum
    World Leadership Forum
  • Clients
    We would like to extend much love to the brave and amazing companies that have put their faith in us recently, we are truly humbled, you make us who we are:
  • AWESOME clients that think we're AWESOME
    Client: Dimension Data

    Hi Rich and Sam

    I just wanted to let you know what absolute rockstars Jarred and Burger was over the weekend and today to get our 'Top Secret – Allan videos' complete. They worked late into the night last night. And when I phoned Jarred at 5:30 this morning (which I'm sure equates to 2AM for him) he was happy to assist with my request.

    You have a great team and Jarred is always very committed to the projects that he works on with me.

    Thank you, for making me look good and getting it done no matter what.

    Kind Regards

    Marisa Jansen van Vuuren
    Client: Citadel

    Hi you amazing team

    Kerry and I just want to say that we honestly LOVE you all! We are not only overwhelmed with our ‘oh so incredible box to treats and toys’, but its been simply superb working with you on this job.

    Firstly, you came to the party on the budget. Thank you Dave for understanding our constraint and still making magic with what we have!

    Sandra, you should be training people on client service! Your service is world class. You’ve been so special to deal with – friendly, warm, engaging, on the ball, supportive, fun, professional, kind…AMAZING.

    Celeste, I have not had much interaction with you, but jeez, you made all our changes in super fast time yesterday and today to help us meet our deadline. You’re too cool for school!

    Donovan, thank you for making sure the team worked together on this in Dave’s absence. As you said yesterday – and I cannot agree more – you are ALL just great people to work with. And I mean that sincerely. The whole experience has been mindblowing, actually. You guys have got something incredibly special here. Wow!

    And as for the gift box…Kerry and I are fighting about who gets what (but that is our secret!).

    Will let you know how tonight goes, but we are so excited to present our presentation now. Its in a different league altogether. Thank you again for all the fun we’ve had working with you, as well as the brilliant end product.

    Love you all

    Caren and Kerry

    PS: If there is anyone we missed who was working on this in the background, please pass on this email to them too.

    Caren Rennie
    Client: Synaq

    Hey Guys,

    Great news- We've finally launched our SWITCH campaign and website! Go check out www.everythinganywhere.net and bake in the glory of SYNAQ history.

    But seriously, you have helped us achieve a massive company milestone and for that we are completely grateful.

    Don & Trevor- Thank you for picking up my call for help. I appreciate the pressure we put on your team to develop a concept, rally the troops, getting everyone onboard & briefed, and then provide us with input and guidance during execution. A million thanks to you guys.

    Jason & Adrian- Wow, you guys delivered over and above what was expected and kept delivering until we were 100% happy- which is a tall order- but thank you for a design concept that every single SYNAQ'er is proud to be associated with. Thank you, thank you and thank you again. You guys simply rock!

    Sandra & D'ave- Oh my word, I'm so in-love with you guys, thank you for your brilliant service and exceptional delivery. Again every SYNAQ'er loves the video and I love your mind blowing service. Thank you.

    Again guys, thank you so much for helping us execute this campaign and I look forward to working with each of you again in the future.

    Have a stunning week-end.

    Samantha Kaaber
    Client: Octagon

    Hi Theo

    That is it.

    Thanks very much, especially for handling all the last minute stuff. The presentation wouldn't be the same without it.

    Thanks to the Links!


    Mark de Leiburne
    Client: One Property Holdings

    Hi Holly

    Thanks to you & your team for the hard work. We are really pleased with the results.

    Marc Zlotnick
    Client: FNB Global Business Banking


    I love the work you’ve done, thanks so much! Can’t wait to start using our new prezi and videos

    Have a great break and we’ll see you in the new year.

    Elize Giese
    Client: SAB Conference (VWV)

    Dear D’ave,

    Hope all is well with you.

    I just wanted to say BIG UP!!!! BIG UP !!! For all the incredible work that you put in for the SAB presentation. You ensured that sanity prevailed and you won them over in the end.

    Well done and thank you so much.

    Please can you pass my words onto your incredible team.


    Client: Mastercard


    Loving your work. Thanks, guys

    Mark Hearne
    Client: Pick and Pay

    Hi Koni

    The presentation was fantastic!!! Thanks for the efforts from all. Look forward to working with the team again.

    Thanks again

    Peter Arnold
    Client: Redgewoods (Reggies & Toys 'r Us)

    Dear Koni

    Thank you for the swift and reliable communication. Enjoy communicating with the Chatimals!

    Best of greetings

    Issy Zimmerman
    Client: Investec: Capital Markets

    Hi all

    Just a quick mail to say thanks so much for all your hard work! Saturday night went really well. Everyone loved the video’s. People actually (I think for the first time ever) watched the videos properly before the winners walked to the front. None of the usual chatting and laughing and ignoring what’s up on the screens.

    Thanks for pulling it all together, especially with the last video that was added at the very last minute!

    Love your work!

    Client: Superlative Incentives

    Tebz & Donovan – thanks for making us look so good in front of the client – AGAIN!!!! It’s been a pleasure working with you – as per usual.

    Thanks for the Lindt – it’s our FAVORITE!!!

    Client: Magna Carta ETA

    Hey Donovan,

    Wanted to drop you an email to thank you for putting together an amazing AV for eta Awards. The event went really well and you made me comfortable all the way. Thank you.

    PS: I’m gonna miss my little sweeties goodie bag I always get when going to your office, totally love them :) but hey, there’s always next year!

    Kind regards

    Masego Serape
    Client: Hollard

    To an incredibly fabulous team!

    Thank you so much for the hard work and patience that you guys put into the AV production, Friday’s presentation was fabulous! Got the DVD when I walked into the office yesterday and oh yes of course the fabulous chocolate!

    Thank you so much for everything.

    Until the next round!


    Client: vitamin water (<-- they hate caps)

    Masters of the universe!!

    A huge thanks the video rocks!! (and dark chocolate …how did you know??)

    Looking forward to doing the product section when we finally here back from legal….

    Thanks again!

    marina caldow
  • Call us already!

    Shop 2, Showrooms on Leslie,

    Cnr William Nicol & Leslie Road,

    Fourways, Sandton


    South Africa

    P.O. Box 360 Douglasdale 2165

    The last 14 years have been a build-up to this moment, we've been working really hard and we feel we're ready to take your call:

    0861 BORING

    If you're a presentation tourist, calling in from foreign shores, hoping to wisely spend your $, € and £ (sweet!), please give us a call on our slightly less ironic number: +27 11 467 0964. Drop us a mail : info@missinglink.co.za
  • Looking for the most awesome job in the world?

    Drop a mail to ihavewhatittakestowork (at) missinglink (dot) co (dot) za

    But, before you go and fiddle with the latest version of your 2 page CV, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, we're not for everyone. You gotta have a passion for stories, content, really, REALLY late nights (sometimes), and doing shit differently. If you didn't grin, don't bother.

    Secondly, not everyone is for us. Prove you're ML material. Remember that whatever you send (and we're giving you free rein here) is the first experience we'll have with you and will either get you in the good books, or in the bin. Make it epic.